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The Art of STACKING: Wellness Through Integrative Solutions

Statements by: Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya  | Edited by: Roberta Kline, MD

Years ago, I learned about biofeedback and electromagnetic field therapy. The market was robust with choices, but something called ONDAMED® won me over- largely due to the functional health strategy by design, indicating a heavy focus on a whole-body care. It combined the diagnostic abilities of biofeedback science to "communicate with the body" to monitor conditions and imbalances. Then the intuitive energy healing aspect comes in the form of its PEMF element (pulsed electromagnetic field) to 're-balance' the body or support the body to repair itself painlessly and non-invasively.  Treating patients showed many positive results including tissue stimulation for pain relief in soft tissue injuries and wound healing.

The concepts behind this combined science made sense to me because anyone who understands energy healing would recognize the body's meridians and blood flow and the effects of supporting (regenerative) cellular activity.  From my early training on the technology, ONDAMED® focuses on "underlying conditions rather than symptoms"- a principle that I have always subscribed to as a healer.

Next, patients would tell me about having difficulty with reducing their stress. I was introduced to BINAURAL BEATS therapy, an auditory illusion perceived when two different pure- tones, separated in frequency by only a few Hertz, one in each ear -  the brain is left with a unique third tone. Many claim that binaural beats can induce a meditative state more quickly and is said to: manage/reduce anxiety, improve focus and concentration, support positive moods and even help with pain management. 

In addition, I discovered advantages to things like RED & BLUE LIGHT therapy as far as helping somebody not only meditate and 'train the brain' in noninvasive ways.  Light has its own frequency just like our tissues have their own frequency. To penetrate light into the meridians in the ear, you are delivering the therapeutic frequency to our body to amplify and help certain tissues to restore balance.  Not only is light therapeutic or soothing, but it is known to actually heal tissues with its unique frequency and applications.

Upon review of various models and designs, I narrowed my choice to the device called "BrainTap". It works great as guided meditation and it actually feels a little like EMDR when they're using it.

® Biofeedback/PEMF & the Doppler Ultrasound

8/5/2022- An exploratory analytical project is co-directed by Dr. Bard (NYC) and Dr. Silvia Binder (Germany) at the Bard Diagnostic Imaging research facility.  Combining the diagnostic prowess of the ultrasound has become Dr. Bard's preferred choice for imaging because of its (safe) non-radiation and real-time properties- and added to this is its ability to perform near and within other electronic regenerative technologies (like the ONDAMED® Biofeedback and PEMF) without any interference. 

This three-day scientific review is a testament of strategic vision between health innovators aspiring to forge and confirm new answers while fostering the non-invasive medical technology movement. Where both the ONDAMED® device and the Ultrasound are two of the latest in non-surgical medical marvels, combining the unique diagnostic abilities of biofeedback and the imaging performance of ultrasound (through quantitative biometrics) reading the effects of the PEMF therapeutic functions of the ONDAMED® offers a new way to support, analyze and record evidence of regenerative medicine.  (See full article)

Interview with Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya (contd.)

These days, I often combine modalities including these two devices for many patients because they work so well together.   A significant exam that I conduct with patients is heart rate variability, where I evaluate the autonomic nervous system to measure stress, sleep patterns and brain wavelengths. This helps identify any need to improve brain entrainment. The binaural beats of BrainTap will introduce (say) 200Hz in one ear and 207Hz in the other- 200 cancels and you are left with 7Hz. And that is theta data of brain wavelength that takes you into a deep meditated state in three minutes.

Because a lot of people don't know how to meditate or just relax, in three minutes,
BrainTap will do it for you. It's passive treatment and all you have to do is relax and listen.  I see a lot of benefit in combining BrainTap with in-patient sessions, for example with IV hydration therapy.  Most people end up falling asleep because they don't have that regulation entrainment in their brain and this technology will do it for you. I think there's been studies where an hour of binaural beats  will replace three hours of sleep.

I find these innovations to offer so many advantages to our patient community. As one example, I have patients with addiction disorders- for things like smoking per se. You have to train the brain to deal with the addiction. You can't just remove the source and think that it's going to work. So not only does frequency medicine with ONDAMED® and water treatment help to regulate, the binaural beats work in conjunction to "train" the brain to open up and let go of that addiction.

Another common advantage to this energy therapy is managing ANXIETY within the younger generation. I've seen a lot of teenagers in my office recently for just anxiety purposes, which I think has been amplified during this recent era. To introduce BrainTap while on an infrared bed, or sitting in ONDAMED® session has opened up that possibility that they can be able to manage their anxiety, which is sometimes not easy to do with a counselor or a psychologist.   The use of BrainTap has been extremely beneficial for the young population. There are numerous ways to incorporate different methods of biohacking your mind and body into your daily routine.

Developing my program was based on combining my medical training with exploring what's out there.  I also maintain a constant ear for what's current by listening to my patients.  I am a big proponent of technical research, and part of being in this information age includes SHARING what's available. Most often, I also get educated by my patients on their findings because there's a lot of modalities and therapies out there that were not part of my conventional training.  I find that today's patient (including those in critical situations) are armed with an open mind to explore and try new and innovative solutions, alongside the access to unlimited resources thanks to the web.  The idea of collaborating is not limited to doctor-to-doctor.  Once I found enough answers that made sense to me, I learned the different ways of detoxing and amplifying your immune system.  I introduce this entire health program to my patients as part of an educational effort.

After medical school, Dr. Valle focused on managing chronic disease starting with its links to poor nutrition and then introducing them into the world of energy frequencies.  She expanded her training in biological medicine with Dr. Thomas Rau at the Swiss Biological Medicine Academy (Switzerland) where she combined this with the nutritional aspect. Dr. Valle also recognized the need to implement lifestyle medicine into a well-rounded wellness program.  This helped her design comprehensive programs including those specific for cancer patients- mostly based on the emotional and nutritional components of cancer.  She explores and includes non-invasive modalities such as: frequency therapies (including biofeedback), PEMF, proper detoxification, nutritional guidance and binaural beats as needed.

A special NYCRA-NEWS interview with Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya on the ONDAMED®/BrainTap Connection

Written by: Graciella Davi & Carmen Regallo-Dewitt (NYCRA-NEWS editorial team)

Supporting the public access to the vast arena of pain/injury relief and therapy solutions, the clinical members of the NY Cancer Resource Alliance (NYCRA) freely shares professional insights and resources for better health and wellness.  Oftentimes, our members spotlight experts and developers who share remarkable out-of-the-box innovations, protocols and strategies that bring modern concepts that support the news understanding about non-invasive and safer health alternatives. This includes the latest innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. 

Through a recent virtual health technology conference about biofeedback innovations at the Women's Diagnostic Network, we learned about the work of Dr. Leslie Valle-Montoya of Santa Barbara, CA.  "Dr. Leslie" (as she is often called) incorporates her medical training and other extensive knowledge in functional and integrative medicine.  She works with patients challenged by cancer and chronic disorders through integrating Bioenergetic medicine, nutrition and Biological medicine.  She offers patients a set of options between conventional and alternative medicine to heal and rejuvenate- pursuing a mind-body-spirit paradigm where individuals can reach optimum health and a resilient outcome.


The Science of Energy Healing & the Biofield

Everything is energy. Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything exists as a vibrational energy. Some forms of energy have a frequency low enough to make the object solid and therefore visible and physically tangible, such as concrete, trees, mountains, and the human body. Others, such as sound, light, heat and gravity are invisible – but they are no less real. The Biofield is a relatively new term developed in 1992 to describe the concept of energy in a more unified way, integrating knowledge gained from traditional practices with that of modern science.  Three of the main scientific principles underlying our current understanding of the Biofield energy are thermodynamics, physics and quantum physics.  (See complete feature article)

Personalized Nutrition: Far Beyond B12
The research is pretty unequivocal: eating a plant-based, whole food diet is overall one of the healthiest strategies. But there are many ways to implement this into one’s diet. For some people, this looks like a Mediterranean Diet. Paleo is another common choice. Others opt for a vegetarian or even vegan diet. And many people will thrive on their chosen version. But did you know your genes play a large role in what foods best support your health, and if you don’t choose accordingly the best intentions can actually harm you? Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve this problem: know your genes.  While personalizing nutrition to each person’s genes is a powerful way to optimally support each person’s biochemistry and health, some diets can pose particular challenges. (See complete article)

"GETTING MY LIFE BACK FROM CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME"  2/15/2022- Mrs. Suzanne Wheeler of Minneapolis, Minnesota is celebrated as IPHA NEWS' Researcher of the Month.  After years of suffering a life-altering disorder that currently continues to challenge the scientific community of its root causes, Mrs. Wheeler explored “outside the conventional box” of opioid prescriptions, uncovering alternative solutions that got her back on her feet and joining life again.  Invoking CHANGE against all odds by diligently searching for what’s beyond the convenient takes courage and conviction.  It is this level of academic strength and strategic leadership that comprises the Alternative Health and Wellness community. (see full feature on Mrs. Wheeler's PEMF review)


ROBERTA KLINE, MD (Educational Dir. /Women's Diagnostic Group)
Dr. Kline is a board-certified ObGyn physician, Integrative Personalized Medicine expert, consultant, author, and educator whose mission is to change how we approach health and deliver healthcare. She helped to create the Integrative & Functional Medicine program for a family practice residency, has consulted with Sodexo to implement the first personalized nutrition menu for healthcare facilities, and serves as Education Director for several organizations including the Women’s Diagnostic Health Network, Mommies on a Mission. Learn more at

MARY NIELSEN (Founder/ Faculty Director - Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics)
Mary established and manages a certified aesthetics institution in Portland Oregon supporting the academic leadership and technical ability to grow a med spa profitably. Through collaborative relationships with evolving aesthetics business, her programs (Fearless Beauties and Cascade Aesthetic Alliance) functions to help the esthetician, whether newly licensed or a veteran with education and networking. She is also a published author of best selling textbooks in aesthetic wellness including ADVANCED AESETHETICS and FEARLESS BEAUTIES. Mary is dedicated to bringing change to the esthetics/beauty industry through comprehensive education and empowerment through knowledge.

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