Tuesday, November 15, 2022

HealthTech Review: NEUROVINE Portable EEG for Cognitive Pacing

Right out of the gate, I boldly attribute the success of any product testing to the complete know-how and calming demeanor of  a professional training team.  As a professional educator by trade, I recognize the Neurovine instructors' deep insight on the many types of brain issues and how to communicate with head injury sufferers.  Kudos goes to the impressive temperament of the virtual training staff for their calm approach to technically explaining the process-- with compassion about the anxieties of learning something unusual and stressful.   Learning this device requires true bedside manner for so many of us.

After finally receiving the Neurovine kit (complete with the power cord and saline dispenser), I could not wait to charge the device for the 24‐hour recommended charge time so I could pair it to my cell phone and get started right away.  I was somewhat impressed at the quality of what appears to be a fairly sports‐rugged feel. The hardware paired fairly quickly with a few minor work‐arounds with my phone.  The app was quite friendly, stylish and soothing to the eyes (easy to read)‐ and this is important for anyone who may have a possible brain‐related injuries that call for this type of product. 

I provided an alternate solution to the factory's sponge dropper (which is hardly controllable and tends to spill and drip everywhere).  Instead, I employ my Saline Nasal Mist Spray, which dispenses a much more controlled and even amount of moisture to the contact points without any mess.  The App will not let you continue unless all 6 contact points are moistened, and my nasal spray satisfies the App every time!

Once  paired,  the  app  takes  on  a  life  of  its  own.    It  speaks  to  the headband to set me up, starting with BRAIN GAMES. The head band will read my 'brain waves' to create a BASE LINE of my personal metrics at the start point of all readings. I'm told the original set of tests (through brain games) was reduced from 40 minutes to 10 minutes, which is much less painful  (undergoing 40 minutes of challenging brain games may just be too much for the many impatient people and those with potential head injuries or cognitive disorders.  These games offer 3‐5 sets of memory and focus challenges like staring at an X for 3 Minutes, or remembering a combination of letters and numbers under a limited time.  

I took on the full Neurovine experience as any other head patient of a physiatrist or neurologist would  undergo an EEG exam. Simulating this has some elevation in stress or anxiety with these brain games, which I was concerned may affect its accuracy and ultimate  results. My instructor  (Yvonne) reassured me that any minor distractions are actually anticipated by the AI whereby the data I collect will have the propensity to auto‐adjust itself to find my median. (God bless AI) 

As the device is fairly comfortable and workable with daily life, making the 'art' of collecting cognitive biometrics a breeze.  After a minute or so, you won't even know it's on. It feels just like  any  other  sports  headband  or  baseball  cap  where  the  contact  points  do  not  feel  like anything.  The  APP  showed  default  activities  to  choose  from  (like  driving,  computer  work, listening to music etc) and you can add to them at will. As a personal device, I'll be collecting enough metrics in no time.  


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