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By IPHA TechReview/Editorial Team: Lennard Gettz, Ed.D. | Robert L. Bard, MD | Leslie V. Montoya, MD |  Roberta Kline, MD   | Josh Schueller

In our ongoing journey to review and feature NON‐INVASIVE MEDICAL & HEALTH INNOVATIONS, IPHA‐NEWS editors recently met with founders of AVACEN® Medical‐husband and wife team CMO/Co‐founder Danielle Forsgren and Chief developer Thomas Muehlbauer. They presented at a Health & Wellness Conference in Miami in the summer of 2022 where they shared a most unique therapeutic design to address chronic and acute pain through the science of microcirculation.


Abbreviated from "Advanced VAscular Circulatory ENhancement", the origin of this groundbreaking innovation was sparked by a deeply personal mission from its founders. In 2008, Tom (Muehlbauer) committed to the research and development of a medical device that could help (and restore) Danielle's older sister who, for 25 years, had suffered the crippling symptoms of severe chronic MIGRAINES. "It was very important [to us] that we had a medical device that was non‐invasive, because my sister took many medications on a daily basis‐ and I actually saw her NOT getting better ‐ but instead, actually grow worse", said Danielle.

It is also noted that the development duo was inspired to target MIGRAINES as the foundation of their main work venture due to our existing HEADACHE and MIGRAINE epidemic (over 20.0% of women and 9.7% of men in America)[1]. At the time, Tom was working with a group of scientists at a major research University on human thermal regulation. He applied this understanding of biophysics to developing the AVACEN concept. 6 years later, the AVACEN device achieved FDA class II clearance to offer thermo therapy for aches, pain, strains, overall muscular relaxation and joint pain associated with arthritis. This gave them the official green light to promote AVACEN as a medical grade device for the countless pain sufferers in the U.S.. In addition, this unique concept has also shown, in a published peer reviewed pilot study [2],  significant Fibromyalgia pain reduction and functioning markers after 4 weeks of directed use.

With over 4,000 programmed microprocessor instructions and 17 US and International patents, the AVACEN device, uses heat and vacuum, to accomplish the noninvasive and safe infusion of heat into the circulatory system. The result is the dilating of micro vessels thereby increasing microcirculation. It does so by taking advantage of a unique arrangement of blood vessels called arteriovenous anastomosis (AVA’s) in the palm of the hand. "Tom found a unique way to engage the AVA's in the palm of your hand using a dry heat transfer pad and a vacuum", explains Danielle. "The vacuum keeps these AVAs distended, whereas without a vacuum your body would shut the heat transfer down using vasoconstriction. The continually warmed blood is then circulated naturally to all the organs and deep muscle tissues carrying with it an increased level of beneficial oxygen and nutrients. This is also believed to enhance enzyme function for those with low core body temperature, and increase microvascular circulation throughout the entire body. ’ Studies have shown that increased microcirculation can increase functional capillary density (FCD)‐‐ and that is the holy grail for longevity".

CMO Danielle Forsgren expressed subscribing to a more EASTERN (and naturopathic/ osteopathic) than WESTERN medicine philosophy. This very framework led the strategy of a sustainable and non‐invasive design plan (ie. "... thermography vs. an x‐ray"). "Having my sister handed pill after pill after drug after patch‐ then a medically implanted box that went septic... we sought to do what we could to get her off of medication and give her a little bit of her life back. That was what Tom and I decided was most important."

Over the years, AVACEN continues to UPGRADE their original design concept with various models to suit ongoing market demands. Their base models called the AVACEN®HOME™ and the HOME+ is a single button push device than accommodates 95% of hand sizes. After five years in development, this year the AVACEN PRO+ and AVACEN XL were launched‐ with color touch screen controls, audio and video applications and a fully integrative user‐interface with various languages including the Asian community. It also supports Bluetooth /WIFI /RFID and accommodates 99% of hand sizes. These newly launched models will be discussed at the conclusion of our HEALTH TECH REPORTER test drive.


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2) Investigation of AVACEN Thermal Exchange System for Fibromyalgia Pain (AVACEN: TES)

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Overview: The Science of Energy Healing
By: Roberta Kline, MD

Energetic healing has been practiced by many cultures and in many forms over the centuries. While mainstream medicine has embraced some forms of energetic modalities, by and large it has viewed most as “alternative” and “non-science based”. This is slowly changing as the science is catching up to be able to explain this ancient practice.  The term "energy medicine" has been in general use since the founding of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine in the 1980s.  Energy medicine often proposes that imbalances in the body's "energy field" result in illness, and that by re-balancing the body's energy-field health can be restored.[5] Some modalities are described to "bring balance to the body's overall wellness", while others bring claims of  addressing pain, detoxing, cell regeneration or improve overall energy. 

Everything is energy. Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything exists as a vibrational energy. Some forms of energy have a frequency low enough to make the object solid and therefore visible and physically tangible, such as concrete, trees, mountains, and the human body. Others, such as sound, light, heat and gravity are invisible – but they are no less real.  Every living thing requires energy to exist and function, and this comes in different forms. For example, in the human body are “energy generators” called the mitochondria. These tiny powerhouses in our cells convert fat, protein and glucose into ATP – the energy that fuels everything that is needed for us to be alive. (see review on the mitochondria). While the science behind how energy exists and is utilized for health and well-being is quite complex, efforts have been underway for more than 30 years to create a more approachable understanding. (See complete report)



Amidst our global pandemic, keeping the doctor away means heeding his or her lifestyle advice on prevention, early detection and taking in their research on what it means to truly stay out of trouble.  Meanwhile, upon review of many Americans' health challenges and concerns, we assembled some of the most pertinent questions and concerns that weigh in on their decision making process.   

Months into a new year awakens great opportunities to invest in HEALTHY CHANGE in your lifestyle.  For the many Americans who live a sedentary lifestyle, most of us use time markers (like a new year) as a sensible time to re-dedicate to new challenges.  Losing weight is the number one goal each year for most people - and the undisputed culprit to a non-active lifestyle drives unhealthy choice-making into a situational life trap.  Meanwhile, other members of the community are situated with the inability to perform physical activities due to chronic pain or a debilitating disease (ie. spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or stoke sufferers).  

In an interview with Dr. Jonathan S. Kirschner, physiatrist at HSS (Hospital for Special Surgery),  we found his expertise, his thought process and his insight on certain health solutions to deliver remarkable value to us all- especially those affected in some way by the debilitating effects of the pandemic lifestyle.  

Adapted from an interview with Dr. Jonathan Kirschner

During the COVID pandemic, I see two types of people; people who move less and those who move more.  Some people with more free time typically don't have to spend extra hours to commute.  Now, they've got that time for themselves (instead of commuting) working from their home office.  So that frees up more time for physical activity.  Upon revaluing life and lifestyle in general, some people have the time to commit to things like learning about the importance of health and actually take actionable steps.  Where people did not used to have time to join an exercise program, we now have the option (because of Covid) to watch exercise classes through Zoom and things like that.  

There's enough data pointing the sedentary lifestyle as the main culprit to a wide array of medical issues- not only musculoskeletal issues like back pain, herniated discs, neck pain, neck strain with everyone at the computer because of covid, but also the metabolic effects of sitting.  So if we’re not moving, we're at a high risk for gaining weight, developing diabetes and high blood pressure.  Those are some of the consequences of our modern lifestyle with all this technology and computers, whereas in the old days we had to forage for food.  We had to farm the food, lift bales of hay, walk to the water well and come back home.  We are not doing those things now.  

The best way to communicate all this is to not throw it out to the patient all at once; sometimes it’s better to make baby steps because it can be daunting.  If the patient has a lot of weight to lose, or for anyone who has not been exercising, you want to start engaging them in an exercise program. (See complete feature)

WHAT? YOU NEVER HEARD OF KREBS CYCLE? (The  Science of Self Regeneration)

 Written By: Josh Schueller, PT

As a Physical Therapist and a patient analyst, I find myself constantly referencing course work from my college days to explain to patients how modern therapy actually works.  Today's patient has a hungry mind equipped to handle deeper explanations about how their therapies actually affect them.  Because of this, it behooves me to share content from my own medical texts to explain how the latest "invisible" therapeutic innovations work on them.   Such modern breakthroughs include: Stem Cell & PRP therapies, PEMF & Biofeedback technologies, Transcranial Stimulation, Laser Acupuncture, Neurostim therapeutics etc-- just to name a few. Meanwhile, I am equally impressed at our Google surfing community that can retain much of the same medical information my career was founded on.  Just the other day, a 21 year old patient with spinal cord injury actually started asking me how my neurostim device affects cellular regeneration and THE KREBS CYCLE.  So my presentation begins.

The Krebs’s Cycle is a multi-step chemical reaction that is the main source of energy for cells during Aerobic respiration.  Also called the TCA (T
riCarboxylic Acid) Cycle or Citric Acid Cycle, the Krebs cycle occurs in eukaryotes (cells with a nucleus) in the matrix of the mitochondria and the cytosol of prokaryotes (no distinct nucleus).   In a living organism, the TCA cycle is a series of reactions in which oxidation of Acetic Acid/glucose provides energy for storage in phosphate bonds (ATP).  Fuel for this comes from lipids and carbohydrates, which produce Acetyl-CoA.  These reactions are the major source of energy in all living organisms. 

Critical in the building blocks for synthesis of fatty acids, steroids, cholesterol, amino acids for building proteins and purines and pyrimidines used in the synthesis of DNA. The byproducts of the Krebs’s Cycle are 3 NADH, 1 FADHL, 1 GTP, and 2 CO2. (3)  The cycle runs twice for glucose and then the electron transport chain produces ATP. The electron transport chain is a series of reactions inside the cell whose purpose is the formation of ATP.  By studying the rates, by-products, enzymatic activity and qualities in the processes of metabolism the potential to draw conclusion about and investigate the efficiency of therapies. 

Glucose into mitochondria to go through Krebs Cycle (NADH, FADHL, GTP, CO2 byproducts) electron transport chain into ATP (energy)

Disorders of the Krebs Cycle such as 2-Oxoglutaric aciduria and fumarase deficiency affects mitochondrial function and maintenance.  This can cause developmental delays, severe neurologic problems in infants like mental retardation.  Clinical presentation of mitochondrial depletion syndrome is hypotonia, progressive dystonia, muscle atrophy and hearing impairments. (5)

 (see full feature report)


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