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Neuroscience Made Friendly: Meet Dr. Patrick Porter

The IPHA editorial and publishing team first met with Dr. Patrick Porter as the keynote speaker at a 2022 Florida wellness convention.   We found his talks about the deconstruction of brain health to be  most insightful yet surprisingly uplifting and relatable for such a deeply complex matter- especially from the general public. Upon reviewing some of Dr. Porter's prior speaking events (no shortage of this in YouTube), we find his vastly growing appeal to be most timely for various audience groups including the GenZ community whose access to the global information and the desire to expand their understanding about modern health and wellness is at its all time high.  His readers and listeners enjoy his trademark approach and diverse, worldly references (including the Star Trek utopian design).  Dr. Porter's research spans a lifetime of extensive cultural studies that comprise of a truly universal snapshot of where we (as a society) should approach brain health.  

Meet Dr. Patrick Porter, globally recognized neuroscience expert and the author of award-winning books, including "Awaken the Genius (Mind Technology for the 21st Century). Dr. Porter is also the innovator of the groundbreaking brain optimizing technology known as Brain Tap.  With 20 years of experience operating the largest self-help franchise in the world, he has become a highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, having sold over 3 million of his self-help products worldwide.  Dr. Porter has been on the cutting edge of brainwave entrainment technology for 32 years. He was a co-developer of the MC2, the first personal light & sound brain training machine, voted “Best New Gadget of the Year” at the 1989 Consumer Electronics Show.  And his team was voted the “Best New Health APP” at 2019 Consumer Electronic Show.


TRANSCRIPT from  Interview (12/1/2022)
First of all, when we think about meditation, only 5% of people that start meditating continue. And this is because of just the frenetic pace of our lives. You know, people get busy and they start, they don't see the value in down-regulating, their nervous system. 

You're getting into that downregulation of the nervous system. (Well) everything improves; You make better food choices-- you treat your friends and family better, you create more success in your life. All of these things happen as an outgrowth. 

Number one for me was VOICE. We would just guide people through meditation-.then we did breathing exercises, get the body moving and breathing. What they did was they found out that when they mixed these certain rhythms and cadences, almost like a drum circle (if anyone out there's ever been to a drum circle) what happens after about five minutes is everything synchronizes. They start to actually produce music. And nobody planned it. Nobody put it together. And this is the way our universe works. So we started looking at everything is SYNCHRONICITY that's happening around us.

In the beta brain (which is the high stress brain) it's basically dictating or REACTING TO life instead of INTERACTING WITH life. So what we had to do is how can we disrupt the pattern? The brain loves patterns- even bad patterns. That's why addictions are so hard to break because the brain goes, what do you mean? We've been doing this for 20 years? What do you mean I wanna change it? And so what we have to do is we have to slow everything down. (And) one thing we now know, because science can prove it, is when we slow down brain frequency, we increase the energy at the mitochondria level. We're increasing the energy of the cells, which means now, when you're in stress, your cells are in cell danger response. So everything is detached to everything. 

When we meditate (of course we're going to regulate first) we also know that a flickering candle has an evoke potential of 10 hertz frequency. So in the labs when they came out with LEDs,  (they found that) when you took LED lights and you pulsed them like a candle, the brain would follow them. The science is actually called frequency following response. So we started learning about this science that's out there, and then we found out that there's a cadence in a rhythm to nature. 

I always liked looking back at ancient traditions and looking at modern technology. In India, if you were diagnosed 10,000 years ago with a brain disorder, they didn't call it depression and anxiety (and things like that).  Instead, they would prescribe for you to sit outside two hours before sunrise. They called it chronos therapy because at that point what was happening was there was more infrared light hitting the planet at that two hours before sunrise than any other time. Now... with science today, we can just create a nanometer lights and we can put them into a brain cap and people can wear them and start getting those kind of results we're talking about. 

This is the other thing about brain science that's always intrigued me; we're doing something in our lifestyle that's changing our brain function because there's an onslaught of dementia and Alzheimer's. So that's why we've moved our research a little bit. Of course, I'm getting a little older too, so (you know) we all have a one way ticket here... so we want to figure out, hey, the biggest fear used to be the fear of speaking-- now it's the fear of losing our memory and being a burden to our family. So I think that what we have is at least the beginnings of a solution. We know, we've had studies that have proved out at least in the preliminary pilot studies, that we can get really good results of that. But it all comes down to ancient traditions and how we can modernize them. 

When you say DIGITIZE... the nice thing about today is we live in the most powerful time for healing in, in the history of the world. And I think we're just scratching the surface. I mean, star Trek gives us kind of a glimpse into the future of what's possible, and I think that those things are going to happen because we're frequency beings. There are documentaries that say "we are sound", which is true, we ARE sound, of course we ARE light. There are documentaries that say "we are frequency". We have all of this going on in this field of information, but what we know we can do is- we can put energy in the form of light, sound, and vibration, and the cells of our body love that energy.

Written by: Dr. Roberta Kline

The relationship between dogs and humans began since the beginning of time when dogs looked to humans as a means of survival. Numerous studies have reported the significant benefits of pet ownership and interactive coexistence -  from stress reduction to social fulfilment to a healthier lifestyle.  Science is now providing insights into how this works, and the two hormones that are responsible: OXYTOCIN and CORTISOL.  A landmark study in 2015 revealed how dogs and their owners emotionally bond, and it’s related to the production of oxytocin – also known as the bonding hormone. When released, oxytocin creates a powerful social attachment between one person and another and creates that “feel good” sense of nurturing and closeness. 

It is known that a lengthy eye contact (or mutual gaze) forges a unique engagement between two individuals that somehow activates the release of our oxytocin, which also mediates a powerful emotional bond. One of the best-known examples of this is in the bond created between mother and infant. The oxytocin response is a feedback loop- a nurturing gaze from mom releases oxytocin in the infant, which stimulates production of oxytocin in the mother, then further stimulating nurturing behavior into a self-sustaining positive feedback loop. (See complete article)

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Special thanks to Dr. Patrick Porter, the BrainTap team (including Ms. Erin Miller and Dr. Francisco Cidral), Dr. Roberta Kline, Josh Schueller, Patrick Ziemler, Dr. Leslie Montoya and Dr. Robert Bard without whose help this feature could not have been made possible.

1/2/2023- For some, Post-Covid brain fog can cause everyday cognitive tasks to be more difficult, causing the thought of returning to work to become daunting. Among the many symptoms of Long Covid, one study suggests that up to 80% of Covid-19 survivors suffer from neuropsychological symptoms such as memory impairment, attention deficit, executive dysfunction, difficulty with word finding, multitasking, and impaired visual/spatial skills. These are skills people need to properly perform their jobs, and without these skills, people can become overwhelmed by the smallest tasks.

12/28/2023  In our continued search for non-invasive therapeutic engineering, our tech reporters have met with a unique device with claims of bringing a whole body physical wellness through microcirculation by inducing calculated reverse pressure and heat therapy through the hand.  The hand (specifically the palm area) has long been believed to hold the key to your health and well-being. Eastern medicine specialists have studied the palm as a central source of identifying the state of one's heart and health. The color of the palm can reveal your general health by reflecting blood circulation. Normal healthy color is light pink and white can indicate poor circulation or poor health. In Tai Chi the position of the palm is essential in the expression of energy (Yang Phase). The acupressure point in the palm deals with fear, sadness, worry, frustration, and anxiety.

Have You Heard of the Term "YOUR SECOND BRAIN"? - Gut-Brain Axis: By Robert L. Bard, MD and  Leslie Valle-Montoya, MD
10/2/2022- To heal from chronic conditions, it is essential to approach the gut-brain axis as an integral system.  Some of us don’t know that most of the symptoms we suffer can be reversed by resetting our gut.  Brain fog, fatigue, mental health issues, mood swings, inflammation, short-term memory loss, neurodegenerative diseases, and cognition can result from an imbalance in our gut microbiome (gut bacteria).  The two-way biochemical communication that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system, the gut-brain axis (GBA), is influenced by microbiota.  For example, during a stressful event or exciting short-term event one might experience cramping, nausea, or even diarrhea. 

9/1/2022- IPHA NEWS kicks off a direct demo and test drive of the device called NEUROVINE®- a brain performance tracking headband and APP.  This portable headband using EEG (electroencephalogram) technology is designed to measure brain waves with the objective of offering cognitive pacing for those who have suffered any form of head trauma/concussion.  After an exclusive interview with co-founders CEO Ashleigh Kennedy, Ph.D., and CMO Matthew Kennedy, MD, MSc (from Ottawa, Ontario, CA), our editors identified their objectives in support of concussion monitoring by measuring brain health as part of optimizing their recovery process. Neurovine is marketed to offer "interactive monitoring program for athletes, students, professionals and anyone undergoing mentally strenuous work by alerting them to take brain breaks before an activity becomes too strenuous”.  (See full HealthTech Report)

IN-OFFICE BIOHACKING: By: Dr. Leslie Valle Montoya
8/17/2022 - Another common advantage to this energy therapy is managing ANXIETY within the younger generation. I've seen a lot of teenagers in my office recently for just anxiety purposes, which I think has been amplified during this recent era. To introduce the BrainTap device while on an infrared bed, or sitting in ONDAMED® session has opened up that possibility that they can be able to manage their anxiety, which is sometimes not easy to do with a counselor or a psychologist. The use of BrainTap has been extremely beneficial for the young population. There are numerous ways to incorporate different methods of biohacking your mind and body into your daily routine. (See complete article)

8/1/2022- The meditational device publicly marketed as BrainTap® has undergone a Level 1 study (observational evaluation, biometric analysis from clinical imaging) of a device promoted as a portable relaxation and wearable meditation technology. Designed to “address high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges”, the BrainTap test drive was implemented by various professionals aligned with the Bard Diagnostic Imaging Center (NYC) alongside other technologies under a multi-modality review project under HealthTech Reviews (See complete report)

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